ООО „Jēkabpils piena kombināts”

In 20 July, 1997 the limited liability company ‘Jēkabpils piena kombināts’ in the process of liquidation was bought by Janis Zarinka and on the 24 October, 1997, ООО „Jēkabpils piena kombināts” was founded.

In 1999 „Jēkabpils piena kombināts” begins to manufacture pasteurized milk, yogurt, kefir, curd, cheese, brinza and cream. 3 trade places were founded. 32 people are currently working, reaching a turnover of 155 850, 00 LVL.

Since 2000 the company started purchasing and processing milk, as well as producing pre-packed goods and goods that are sold by weight, which are sold in retail and wholesale. The company purchases 3 090t of milk annually, the net turnover in 2000 was 413 550. 00 LVL.

In later years saw growth in the volume of milk purchases and turnover. Several regional purchase-points has been established.

In 2010 industrial premises were built in Kūku region and the company moved from its previous premises in the Old Town. In 2011 56 582t of milk were purchased and the net turnover reached 11 966 181. 00 LVL.

In 30 May, 2011 OOO “Jēkabpils piena kombināts” was fully incorporated into the biggest milk processing concern A/B “Rokiškio sūris”.