The best Latvian-produced kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, matured Dutch-type semi-hard cheese and the new dairy product of 2015/2016 to be determined!

The cooperative society “Latvijas Piensaimnieku centrālā savienība” (LPCS) is organising a competition of high-quality dairy products produced in Latvia by collaborating with the International Exhibition Company BT 1, and the winners thereof will be announced at the international food fair “Riga Food 2016”.

““Riga Food 2016” will include a dairy product competition for the twentieth time in a row. Two years have already gone by since the dairy industry came to a critical situation in Latvia, as well as around the world. At this point, we can consider the respective situation as one that we have to adapt to. This is why we must provide special attention to our local market, which is generally well-known, however, not yet fully mastered. Yet another dairy competition will provide an opportunity to promote the already traditional dairy products, as well as, for the second time in a row, particularly highlight the new products that have been created by our dairy companies over the last year,” states Jānis Šolks, Chairman of the Board at LPCS.

The competition of high-quality dairy products has gained the support of dairy producers, as well as praise from professionals and gourmets. The competition aims to promote the consumption of dairy products by the inhabitants of Latvia, as well as gather the manufacturing experience of dairy companies and experts.

This year, dairy products will be evaluated in six categories – kefir with a fat content of 1.5 to 3.0 %, cottage cheese with a fat content of 9 %, sour cream with a fat content of 20 %, highest quality butter, matured Dutch-type semi-hard cheese and the new product of 2015/2016.

You can still apply!

In order to participate in the dairy competition, applicants must submit a written application to LPCS via e-mail: info@piensaimniekusavieniba.lv by 12 August 2016. More information can be obtained by calling: +371 67620874 / +371 26595531  or by writing an e-mail to Zane Jonaite: info@piensaimniekusavieniba.lv. You may get acquainted with the regulations of the competition on the internet www.piensaimniekusavieniba.lv and www.rigafood.lv.

Commission of the competition

This year’s commission of the competition – Associate Professor Dr. sc. ing. Inga Ciproviča, Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology of the Latvia University of Agriculture and Head of the Commission, Jānis Šolks, Chairman of the Board at the cooperative society “Latvijas Piensaimnieku centrālā savienība”, Inese Ozollapa, Senior Expert of the Quality Management Division of the Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR”, Daina Podskočija, Senior Expert of the Chemistry Division of “BIOR”, Andris Rava, Head of Vidzeme Regional Laboratory of “BIOR”, Una Rubīna, Senior Expert of the Animal Origin Product Surveillance Division of the Food and Veterinary Service, Rigonda Krieviņa, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lolita Neimane, PhD student at Riga Stradiņš University and diet specialist, Dace Grava, Head of the Process & Quality Management Department at SIA “Maxima Latvija”, and Māra Tamane, Quality Manager at SIA “RIMI Latvia”.

Awarding of the best contestants

The winners of the competition will be announced immediately after the official opening ceremony of the international food fair “Riga Food 2016” – the most successful contestants will receive “Riga Food 2016” gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as acknowledgments from LPCS, on 7 September in conference room No. 3.


Last year the best dairy products that were evaluated in six different categories were also awarded medals at “Riga Food 2015”. Let’s look back at the very best of them! In the category of pasteurised milk with a fat content of 2.0 to 2.5 % first place went to the milk “Baltais” of AS “Tukuma piens” with a fat content of 2.0 % (master Zeltīte Čemme). Within the cottage cheese group Latvian-produced cottage cheeses with a fat content of up to 0.5 % were evaluated, and in this category first place was awarded to “EKSPORTA” cottage cheese of AS “Tukuma piens” (master Agita Vāne). In the sour cream competition awards were divided between Latvian-produced sour creams with a fat content of 25 %. First place went to the sour cream of AS “Smiltenes piens” (master Maija Bērziņa). In the fresh cheese (based on cottage cheese) category first place went to “Trikata Snowballs with Garlic” produced by SIA “Latvijas piens” (master Renārs Tumens). Among milk beverages first place was awarded to the apple flavoured yoghurt cocktail “SHAKE” produced by AS “Tukuma piens” (master Zeltīte Čemme). In the cheese group of the new product of 2014/2015 the main prize went to the cheese with Mediterranean seasoning of AS “Cesvaines piens”, whereas the winner of the cultured product group was yoghurt “SKYR” with kiwi and rhubarb produced by AS “Tukuma piens” (master Andželika Ločmele).

The LPCS dairy competition is organised in collaboration with the International Exhibition Company BT 1, and it is financially supported by the National Rural Network.

The international trade fair for food, beverages, food processing, technologies, packaging, public catering, horeca and shop equipment and services “Riga Food 2016” will take place from 7 to 10 September in the Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre. The exhibition is supplemented by an extensive programme of events, demonstrations and contests.

Follow the latest news of the fair online: www.facebook.com/rigafood

Papildu informācija:

Zane Jonaite, LPCS biroja vadītāja

Tālr.: +371 67620874 / 26595531; e-pasts: info@piensaimniekusavieniba.lv
Aiga Kupre-Vociša, BT 1 sabiedrisko attiecību vadītāja

Tālr.: +371 26591588; e-pasts: aiga.vocisa@bt1.lv


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